“A great work; the kind of book that will appeal to serious scholars and casual fans alike. A must have”   – Fangoria Magazine 

“Completely satisfying. There’s plenty to love here, enough to sate the most bloodthirsty ghouls. By the end, it truly feels as if no stone has gone unturned.  A coffee table book for those who love zombie movies, it comes recommended. Four Stars”   – Dread Central 

“Undeniably ambitious, Blood Splatter is impeccably researched”   – Bloody Disgusting

“Without question- this is THE definitive guide to the cinematic zombie genre. An absolute must-read”   – Stiff Magazine  

“Blood Splatter is beautifully laid out, very well researched, and voraciously entertaining.  Genre fans won’t want to miss this terrific guide to the violence in the zombie films we know and love”   – Ultraviolent Magazine  

“Chenery has penned a rotter guide that is as focused as a headshot. Any zombie fan will find worth in Chenery’s relentless research”   – Rue Morgue

“Exhaustive as hell.  I recommend Blood Splatter to anyone interested in the artistry involved in makeup effects, the nerdy minutia of zombie movie trivia, and rabid horror fans.”   – Cinema Sewer 

“Blood Splatter will blow your brains away. Definitely one not to miss out on”   – Blood Thirsty Pit Whore  

“Blood Splatter is a gore slashed tome full of challenging analysis, body counts, and zombie stats that scores high in Mr. Lobo’s book” 
– Mr.Lobo, Cinema Insomnia, TV Horror Host 

“So let’s start off this review with a disclaimer.  WE DON’T REVIEW BOOKS!  So you say. “Why am I reading a book review in your magazine’s pages?”  Well the answer is. This book is THAT good!”   – Gore Noir Magazine

“And just when you think you have seen it all  bam  you get something like Blood Splatter on your plate. A fascinating book about zombies at the movies.”   – Bricks of the Dead 

“A blast! Chock full of cool info and great interviews”   – Greg Nicotero, FX supervisor and Executive Producer on AMC’s The Walking Dead

“An impressive list of interviews.”   – Edgar Wright,  Director, Shaun of the Dead

“The high attention to detail and consideration for not just well known zombie flicks, but B-rate was refreshing”   – Eloise J. Knapp, Author of “The Undead Situation”

“The bible of zombie movies.  It’s truly a work of art and a masterpiece for zombie enthusiasts”   – Michael Mosher,  Special Effects Artist: Resident Evil: Extinction

“This book is so in depth it’s almost agonizing. You will be hard pressed to find a single gory detail that’s out of place or something you’ve heard about before. Everything from the obscure to the mainstream, no stone is left unturned – this is the ultimate reference guide that no zombie aficionado should be without.”   – Creep Show Radio

“Other books about the Zombie genre have never covered so much ground.  This is a ‘Must Have’ for anyone who calls themselves a zombie fan. Worth its weight in gold.”     – Toby Sells, Special Effects Artist: The Walking Dead, Zombieland

“Blood Splatter” is the real deal This may be the most important book for not only zombie movie fans, but for those of us that work so hard to make zombie movies  It’s exhaustive in its reach into the genre and a must have for fans”   – Nightwatch Radio

 “One hell of a reference book”   – Mail Order Zombie


“When grandparents are looking for a book to buy for their grandkids -they need not look any further. Butch G. Cat Broadway’s 
Next Biggest Star has it all. Family, art, music, theater and animals… all to inspire creativity and fun; the only thing missing is the 
litter box. I love this book!”  
 – Pat Burns Western Regional Editor of GRAND Magazine


“Vow” was heartbreaking”   – Sequential Tart

“A great zombie story.  Great emotion, pacing and story.  I wish there was more of this” –

“Equally solid is “Vow”.  It delivers several unexpected narrative gut-punches”  – Geek News Network

And because I have a sense of humor….


“common sense written in a book. can’t recommend – will give my copy to charity” 1 star  – DR CMW – Amazon UK reviewer