“God Just Wanted To Play Golf” rights returned

Due to some significant false advertising and hidden surprises, I am no longer represented by ***** **** ******* and my rights have been returned to me. Not for free, but I should not expect less from a pay to play publisher. I believe in my book and would rather go back to self publishing than pay a publisher to do nothing. I’ll get in back out to a better publisher.

I am not getting into too many details publicly yet, but I am horrified at the final edit of the book. No human at ***** **** ******* reviewed the book. I never received a physical proof for review, just a digital version I was unable to print out. They wanted a 360 page book reviewed in less than a week from a laptop. I work full time, have family and other responsibilities. I understand a smaller publisher can’t review and edit for plot holes etc, but christ, I’m paying you 80% of my royalties, the least you do is have someone fix typos. Buried in the legal text is this little nugget, “The author grants the final approval for this literary material”. Translation, we ain’t editing or reviewing shit. That’s all on the author.

I am working on getting the book republished with a better edit. If you have purchased or received a copy from ***** **** ******* in the last 6 weeks, please reach out to me and I will replace it free of charge once the new edition is released next month. I do not want that version to be an indication of my work.


Life Goal #15

As ridiculous as it may sounds, I’ve always wanted to die on camera and this past weekend it came to fruition. The poor sod laying on the ground behind the Kia and covered in blood (product placement!) is me. Our core villain in the first story backs over me with her car. Life goal accomplished, now on to the next one!

Yours bloodily…


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Dark Descent Presents: Dr. Saville’s Horror Show production commences

…and… action…

Well, the big day finally arrived. After a lifetime of waiting and a few false starts, on April 27th, the cameras started rolling on my first feature length film!

“It’s Complicated…”, the first of four stories in our upcoming anthology horror film “Dark Descent Presents: Dr. Saville’s Horror Show” is now officially in production. And it was every bit as magical as I hoped it would be.

I am the screenwriter and producer for the first film and I expect my role to grow as the brand picks up steam. Production for the film will continue in the coming months as we prepare one or two of the stories for some horror film festivals.

Daniel Blunck stars as Tony in “It’s Complicated…” from “Dark Descent Presents: Dr. Saville’s Horror Show”

This has been an amazing experience so far. I have already finished the second story and am already over halfway through the third. The production team is already starting pre-production on the sequel.

I’ll be posting pictures here as we release them, but please, come check out production at http://www.facebook.com/darkdescentpresents

I can’t wait for you to meet the titular Dr. Saville. He is one of the vilest characters I’ve ever written. He is marvelous.

Horror Personified

For Dark Descent we are creating a new horror villain called Dr. Saville and I’m extremely lucky enough to be working on creating him.

I’m currently fleshing out his character and figuring out his two M’s. His mannerisms and his motives. This is probably one of the most exciting things I’ve written to date. Creating a villain that is designed to appear in multiple movies and that may pick up traction as a horror icon is nerve-wracking, challenging but incredibly exciting. I’m starting with a blank bloody canvas and building from the ground up. Lots of exciting details will be coming as we forge his persona. This will be something new you haven’t seen before.

“Dark Descent Presents: Dr. Saville’s Horror Show” now in production

Wow, where do I start? What an insane couple of months this has been. As I continue to work on various screenplays, the production schedule has altered slightly. So, with that I’m very pleased to announce that production has commenced on my new movie “Dark Descent Presents: Dr. Saville’s Horror Show”.

“Dr. Saville’s Horror Show” is a horror anthology series and volume 1 should be released by the end of the year. It will be a film of four stories hosted by the vile and sadistic Dr. Saville. I’ve written the script to the first story that starts shooting this coming weekend. I’ve turned over the first draft of the second story and am currently working on the third story. Writing should be completed by June, then it’s back to the previous horror script I was wrapping up, which may go into production next or if this movie does well, a followup will be fast-tracked.

This is it. This what I have wanted for years and years and years. And after a few mis-starts, misfires tears and cursing, I’ve finally made it. I am lucky to be working with an amazing director and production crew, and with that, here is the official teaser for the first story in “Dark Descent Presents: Dr. Saville’s Horror Show”.